A Banner Year For the Sum of Our Losses EP

by Gas Up Yr Hearse!

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This is Compassion Through Pretension number three.


released January 30, 2013

Recorded by Matt Smith in Urbana, IL on January 20th/21st, 2013.
On this recording we were Lucero, Pat, Kyle, Nelson, and Andy.




Gas Up Yr Hearse! Bloomington, Illinois

Pat, Kyle, Ben, Dylan, David.

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Track Name: One Hundred Years From Now I'll Be Crawling From My Tomb
Lucero: "And what cause of it? Do we see the face of change? Of all beautiful and feared do we dare speak?"

Kyle: "Sell me the same spoiled bill of goods. Changing names for persistent appearances. Changing names for consistent performances."
Track Name: And As Her Hand Slowly Crept Up My Spine
Lucero: "Towering thoughts I believe were never really meant to be able to breathe. Hold fast. Ban fears. Ban sadness. Tread normally. Rest."

Kyle: "These used to be parts of the day that didn’t exist. Wordless and worn out. I’m falling over. Prop me up with moth eaten limbs. Drape me over a wilting frame. Let these bones be my cage. I’m awake when you’re asleep. You’re always sleeping."
Track Name: Haunted By The Skeleton In My Own Body
Lucero: "My own walls. Such a sad fear. Go on. Let go. It was never your fault. My mistake. I'm mislead. I'll let you breathe. It was all you from the beginning. Liar."

Kyle: "This is my my head barely above water and lungs gasping for breath. My eyes don’t recognize my own reflection. I can’t hesitate if I never move. My hands are around my own throat. I’m passing judgement on flooded lives."
Track Name: At the End of My Biography I'll Be Dead
Lucero: "These seams are loose. So worn. Gladly my hand is not empty. Not soley mine to fill. There is a guidance that's been given to me. I am not alone."

Kyle: "I’d be more shocked to wake to the living walking the streets. A maze with no exit. A schematic drawn in disappearing ink. A trap laid in jest. At the end of my biography I’ll be dead."
Track Name: That's Not Where I Remember Leaving That Coffin
Lucero: "Look. Look back. A fallen one I used to be. Did you have a flag to wave? A white void. Ever so true. You sit at my feet. Don't sleep. Move your feet."

Kyle: "Crease my skin once more. Berated and beat down. My face doesn’t show enough wear. A hundred lifetimes before my era. I can’t shrug off the burdens I bare. Crawl back to me. Burrow inside me."

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